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‘Breaking Glass’ by Luke Hawkins.



“Our influence was Breaking Glass, a film set against the backdrop of Eighties post punk street culture,” explains Luke Hawkins of his latest collection. “This was an historical time of rebellious youth culture across music, fashion, and attitudes towards society. “The film’s story follows anti-establishment singer Kate, lead singer for the new band Breaking Glass, through the trials and tribulations of the music industry during the time the group attempt to make it big.

We were particularly inspired by a scene in the film where the Kate plays a song called ‘Will You’, which has amazing atmospheric lighting. It shows Kate with her peroxide blonde hair cut into a whimsical bob shape, and we felt this was one of the most appealing versions of self-expression.

“Our completed set of images showcases our punk-inspired styling, with stark and strong lighting providing the backdrop to our contemporary take on Eighties’ hair.”

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